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, Jan 25, 2011
by Margie Trundleberry

To Preserve or not to Preserve

 …that’s sometimes a tough question.

Here at Curio & Co. we go back and forth on the issue, but generally fall on the side of opening the box.  It’s amazing to come across a never-been-opened package of Frank and his Friend branded sparkplugs, but it’s always a little heartbreaking when it’s something that could have been loved.  (Mr. Druthers led a panel discussion on this topic last year called ‘DisappointMINT in the Box: the tragedy of toys that never get to play.’  It was a real tear-jerker.)

But then we were given this German Miss Piggy Figurine Soap from the late 1970s. 

 Curio & Co. Miss Piggy Figuren Soap

In the box! Never-been-used! 

It was pretty exciting. 

The box has seen better days, but it would have made a pretty great gift on its own.  The soap, nicked and chipped as it is, is obviously no longer ‘mint condition’ – but that’s what makes it so great.  That it survived all these years, when the temptation to just throw it in the guest bathroom must have been pretty strong.  It speaks to the enduring appeal of the pig herself.

Curio & Co. Miss Piggy Soap

So thanks to all the people who owned the soap before and never used it.  You helped us remember that sometimes things even get better with age.  Get better because they age.


[And no, it doesn’t smell like bacon.  She’d karate-chop you just for thinking that.]

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