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, Feb 05, 2011
by Margie Trundleberry

Making a Name for Yourself

Finding Frank and His Friend sketch

“I’m really surprised that my Dad never published this idea.

On the one hand, it pretty clearly addresses the question of which one was Frank.  For my Dad, Frank was always the doll, and always the only one with a name.  The newspapers always wanted to run contests for people to get to name the child, but my Dad always shut those down.  He was insistent that the child was everyone.

But even more than the name issue, this one touches on my Dad’s dislike for society telling people they had to make a name for themselves. I can remember my Dad saying, ‘Don’t worry about making a name for yourself.  Just worry about making a life for yourself.’”

Lance Dooley, son of Clarence ‘Otis’ Dooley

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Oberpfaffendorfer - Bite into Sweety - Illustrated vintage poster ad with young girls teasing young boy with Sweety chocolate bar (circa 1920's) - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG)

Bite into Sweety


Grandparents always have the best chocolates. And you never have to beg – they’re always...

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