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, Mar 14, 2011
by Louis Smeedly

Traveling with Treasures

 Shipping Finding Frank and His Friend

So you find out that someone in Juneau, Alaska is willing to part with their limited edition Frank and His Friend Christmas 1975 Snow Globe...

You rush off to catch the first flight to check it out, since you’ve been burned before (that guy in Jacksonville who was trying to pass off the ’77 Snow Globe, which you already have, obviously). But it turns out to be bona fide, and your collection will be complete!

Now, how do you get it home?

If the collectibles are flat or not fragile, you can send it through the trusty post office.  But if it’s breakable and valuable – and the Christmas 1975 Snow Globes are going for a fortune these days! – you’re going to need to bring it back home yourself.  But how?

We all know that airlines have restrictions as to what you can bring past security, but check past those 3oz. limits to find out what you can and can’t bring in the cabin

The Loopy-Cupid Junior Crossbow?

Checked Luggage.

Melric the Magnificent’s Knife Throwing for Beginners?

Book only: Either.

With special edition throwing knives?

Checked Luggage.

Special Edition Commemorative 1964 Landing lighter?

Believe it or not, Cabin Only.

The Spaceman Jax misprint t-shirt that reads “truth and justice to the farthest PEACHES of the galaxy”?

Nothing less than an armored car – those are so rare!  (But call us first; we’ll be happy to take it off your hands!)

And that Snow Globe? You’re going to need to pack that in a checked bag – preferably with custom-fit foam, obviously.

The bigger problem of course, is what happens if you don’t have enough room left in your suitcase for everything you buy at the convention… We don’t really have a solution to that one.  It happens to us every time we go to WonderCon!

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