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, Aug 19, 2011
by Ned Wazowski

Building on the 1980s

Curio & Co. builds on the 80s 

What goes around comes around, it seems.  And the most “totally rad decade” is here again.

From fashion trends to movie remakes, pop culture has been having another look at the 1980s.  While this may anger some fans (“A remake of Footloose?  Is nothing sacred?!?”), it’s clear that A LOT of people are interested in reliving those days.  Maybe you've seen the box office numbers for those transforming robot movies?

But why the 1980s?  And why now?

While some say that politics and society are in similar situations, it probably makes more sense to look back at those doing the reflecting.  Gen-Xers are in their 30s and 40s now, and feeling a little more nostalgic for the past than the “get out of my way” of their 20s.  Plus, and this is a big one when we see what they’re bringing back, Gen-Xers are parents now, and eager to share their own favorite toys with their kids.  (“A is for Autobot.”)  Being able to share stories and bond with others is a big part of what collecting nostalgia is all about.  

So what 1980s moments are we looking to relive?  Someone should put Australian TV show Beyond 2000 back on the air.  And not new episodes, we want to see the original episodes from the early 80s.  (“Some day people will have Global Positioning Systems in their cars?  Get out!”)  We would watch the episodes while chewing Grape Hubba Bubba gum – the grapiest grape the world has ever known.  

What should never, ever come back?  That’s easy.  Wearing two different colored socks on top of each other.  That’s just too much laundry.

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