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, Aug 24, 2011
by Ned Wazowski

Snow cones to the rescue

Curio & Co. enjoys snow cones

When the temperature climbs and summer knocks you out, sometimes only a snow cone can help.

It's been pretty darn hot lately, and the Curio & Co. offices are starting to feel like an oven.  (It doesn't help that Margie announces the temperature every 15 minutes.)  So we've been trying to beat the heat with frozen treats.

First it was an old-fashioned ice cream social.  Then Jay made us all homemade popsicles (Mint Mocha-sicles, anyone?).  But finally we hit upon the best solution of all: snow cones.

Snow cones are, without a doubt, the best summertime treat.  They're cool and refreshing, and can be a sweet or as mild as you like.  But most important, that little ball of snow conjures up the promise of cooler days - when it can be hard to imagine fifteen degrees cooler, let alone winter.

Baltimore, Maryland is home to the modern snow cone.  In the 19th century, wagons loaded with ice for southern climes came through town and kids would ask for scrapings, with Moms at home adding a little flavor by way of some egg custard.  Within a few decades, the snow cone (or it's more finely shaved cousin, the snow ball) was a standard treat at theatres.

But it was the Great Depression that brought the snow cone to the masses, as it was a relatively cheap treat to enjoy.  And entrepreneurs in Texas and Louisiana developed snow cone-making machinery that made sure it was cheap and easy to make too.

So the next time the rising mercury threatens to bring morale down, try a snow cone.  Trust us, it will help.

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