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, Sep 30, 2011
by Ned Wazowski

Into the jaws of ... fun?


How thrilling are these rides, really?

Last Saturday some of the Curio & Co. staff visited an amusement park and I sat watching a nearby roller coaster.  It wasn’t the highest or fastest or an –est of any kind.  But it was still a circuit of good, solid thrills.  And while its twists and turns were certainly interesting, it was the expressions on the riders’ faces that had me mesmerized.

There were plenty of hands-up-the-whole-time screamers, mixed with the whoa-that-was-a-surprise screamers.  But I was perplexed to find that the majority of the faces were placid or even blank, as if they were on their daily commute and not a rickety car hurtling around a flimsy metal track for their own amusement.  Once safely back on the ground, those placid faces came back to life with smiles and laughter.  Were they on the same ride as those screamers?

We’re drawn to thrill rides for the adrenalin rush, joyously finding that death does not await us around every switchback turn.  So why is it that exhilaration so often looks like boredom?
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Roger Believe - First Flight (Primo Volo) - Illustrated comic book cover of Roger and eagles through the clouds (circa 1980's) for an adventure in the vain of Dylan Dog and Martin Mystery - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG)

First Flight (Primo Volo)

Roger Believe

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