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, Oct 20, 2011
by Ned Wazowski

Thrilling you with Thriller

Michael Jackson - Thriller Statuette

"…no mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller"

The video was made simply because in the summer of 1983, the Thriller album's sales started to decline.  The album was first released  November 30, 1982, but we assume that decline was quite a scary experience for the music business.  Regardless, this decline in sales and the loss of the No. 1 position in the charts prompted Walter Yetnikoff, Larry Stessel, and Michael Jackson to agree on the development and creation of the Thriller Video.  Jackson got John Landis on board as the director - we imagine that his An American Werewolf in London (1981), and the popularity of his previous films made him the perfect candidate for the project.  And let's not forget the Vincent Price voice over on the video BRRRRRR.  and that laugh HAHAHAHAHA.

DID YOU KNOW THAT: From the Thriller album 7 songs were released as singles.  Now that is truly impressive!

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Oberpfaffendorfer - OJ Nectar - Vintage poster ad with bird drinking orange juice (circa 1910's) - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG)

OJ Nectar


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