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, Nov 03, 2011
by Ned Wazowski

Warm memories for Heidi and Maya the Bee

 Heidi, Girl of the Alps and Maya the Honey Bee - Classic Toys

Germany and Japan making us nostalgic.

If you are anything close to my age and grew up anywhere close to where I have, then you would've grown up with Heidi, Girl of the Alps (1974) and Maya the Honey Bee (1975).  

What's interesting to notice is that they are both from stories of German speaking lands. The first comes from a Swiss novel "Heidi's Years of Wandering and Learning" by Johanna Spyri (1880) and the latter is based on the German book "The Adventures of Maya the Bee" (German: Die Biene Maja) by Waldemar Bonsels (1912).  These two Japanese anime TV series (both a one season run of 52 episodes) made the stories so well known and got in the hearts of multiple generations all around the globe, even though the syndication was primarily focused in Europe it also reached Australia, Russia, the United States, South Africa, and also the Middle East.  I can speak from experience saying that nearly everyone that I know who grew up in the 70's and 80's has seen the shows, and now their children are exposed to the charm of these characters. These productions offered the audience a different anime from what we see today: a soft round welcoming design line with its origin in Max Fleischer's Betty Boop, to Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy's manga series, first published in 1952 and then turned in an animated television series in 1963, and so giving birth to what we now call anime.

I think it's great to see these characters still around in our lives, their faces give a warm sense of nostalgia but their sporadic presence keeps them alive.  My heart was certainly filled with joy when I saw these two dolls on display, and... how they stood out in the clutter!

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Hayao Miyazaki worked on the production of Heidi, Girl of the Alps as a scene designer and layout artist.

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