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, Nov 05, 2011
by Ned Wazowski

Daitarn 3 - Good things come in threes

Daitarn 3 (1978) created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate

Daitarn Daitarn Daitarn (can you hear the theme song?)

The 40 episodes of Daitarn 3 created in 1978 were unsuccessful in Japan, but they really found a place in every kid's heart in Italy.  Every kid that grew up in the 70-80's can easily name Grendizer (Italian: Goldrake),  Mazinger (Italian: Mazinga), Daitarn 3, and Gundam.  The last two were created by Yoshiyuki Tomino and the collection of artists known as Hajime Yatate at Sunrise studios.  It's no little achievement being the creator of Gundam, but in 1997 Hajime Yatate created Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star, the first two manga volumes which led to an extremely successful anime series in 1998. 

Getting back to Daitarn 3, the show is really well designed and there is an excellent sense of color styling, and an interesting use of the pencil in the animation.  In otherwords, the pencil is not just used to close in the shapes of the characters.  Instead, at times the line itself becomes a shape.

Perhaps a factor that made the show successful in Italy could be the appealing nature of the female characters and the savior fair of Banjō Haran, the main character. Of course, you can't underestimate his transforming flying car, the trust worthy Mach Patrol.

The show has an excessive reuse of the animation that can become tiring, but let's not forget… if you are a kid you just can't get enough Daitarn 3. Daitarn Daitarn Daitarn...

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