Gadabout TM-1050 Time Machine Manual

“There’s no time like the present,” goes the old expression.  And with a time machine, all times can be the present! 
This instruction book, the Cudworth-Hooper Owner’s Manual: Operation and Maintenance for the Gadabout TM 1050, is truly one-of-a-kind. 
According to the introduction, the Gadabout TM 1050 is a “lite vacuum time machine,” manufactured by Cudworth-Hooper in 2350.  The text includes extremely detailed sections on operation, safety, upkeep and trouble-shooting – everything you would need to know in order to use and maintain a lite-vacuum… well, a time machine. 
Calls to Cudworth-Hooper for more information on the availability of the gadabout are, as yet, unanswered.  (And anyone with a Cudworth-Hooper product knows that it can take a long time to hear back from them.) 
Still, this user’s manual, printed in 1953, is 96 pages of intricate diagrams and beautiful illustrations – a real gem of mid-century design.
So whether you own a Gadabout (and if you do – please call us!), or if you just love a good puzzler – you’re going to want to see this.  Trust us. 
General Details
  • Quantity: 2004
  • Size: 5.75 x 9 in (15 x 23 cm)
  • Pages: 96, black and white with color accents
  • Printing Type: Offset
  • Quality: Archival (acid free paper)
  • Cover: Soft cover, silk-screened and embossed
  • Binding: Stud fastened
  • Printed: 1953 in Musterberg, Calif.
  • Published: 2350, Cudworth-Hooper



Cudworth-Hooper began in the 1920s as a supplier of farming equipment, and as their success with hog oilers grew, so did their inventory. Today there are over 36 divisions of Cudworth-Hooper, making them one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Their catalogues have grown larger every year - since they have never discontinued an item, only adding to their product list - so a complete catalog today numbers nearly as many volumes as the Complete Oxford English Dictionary.