From thrill rides to afternoon picnics, from concerts to games of chance and skill – there was something for everyone at the Pennyland amusement park.

Built by the Trans-Ardellia Traction Company (the company that provided trolley services through Ardellia and out to the suburbs) as a trolley park at the end of the line to bring people out to suburban South Ardellia on the weekends, the park opened to great success on October 25, 1905. Although it originally had only five attractions (the carousel, the Ferris Wheel, miniature train, boat ride and the Lolly Pop Lane arcade), the park also included picnic grounds a bandstand and dance hall and two restaurants. 

Through the years the park became a second home to many who lived in South Ardellia. Pennyland captured the hearts of millions of children and adults and was sweet, wholesome and charming – all the qualities for which Penny Steepleback was famous. Indeed, she was very much responsible for the character of the park. When she wasn’t behind her desk, she could be found walking through the park chatting to guests she recognized. A good place to find her was down on Lolly Pop Lane, sharing a cotton candy with visiting children.