Premise of Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures

The show chronicled the continuing exploits of intrepid but dimwitted Spaceman Jax and his friends in the Star Year 6354 ¾. Spaceman Jax and his young niece Dekkin were the only survivors of Tiberion 3, a planet destroyed for its energy-producing crystals. Jax vowed to avenge his planet and bring the perpetrators to justice, while ensuring that no harm ever comes to young Dekkin. Working as a freight pilot shipping crystals for Tarloc Industries, Jax’s travels across the quadrants brought him into weekly encounters with the armed fleet of the Mantagons, across the path of the power-hungry Tarloc, and into the clutches of the Zalfonens. He succeeded through sheer dumb luck, and with the help of his long-suffering girlfriend Red and his loyal friends Rusty and Star Cowboy. With each adventure Spaceman Jax brought “truth and justice to the farthest reaches of the galaxy,” even if only by accident.

The show featured work by animators such as Jim Dewicky and Bud Marsh. Spaceman Jax (the “hero with a heart of gold, and the intellect of a Ploridian Lunar Beast”) was voiced hilariously by actor Jay Bernard, and other voice actors for the series included Barbara Daws, Eddie Oarke and Fred Fabray.