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, Dec 06, 2013
by Ned Wazowski

Special Collector’s Edition

Curio & Co. looks at the Special Collector's Edition of Frank and His Friend and asks what do you get the collector who has almost everything? Curio and Co.

What do you buy the collector who has almost everything?

We are very excited to release our latest book, Frank and His Friend – Special Collector’s Edition, Vol. 1. The book has been released to bookstores everywhere, but you can still get your copy here of course, and we ship them out with all the careful attention that you’ve come to trust from Curio & Co.

We’ve got a great relationship with the publisher, Ringer Publishing Paperbacks. We’re big supporters of Ringer’s catalog, of course, and Frank and His Friend is certainly our favorite. But they’ve been exceptionally helpful with some of our research questions, and we’ve been able to help keep the torch burning for our favorite artists, which obviously helps their sales quite a bit.

However, for this latest project, our own Mr. Druthers was really able to come through in a big way. To get the absolute best version possible, some of the images used scans of the original artwork. And as it turned out, Mr. Druthers owns some of the originals of the strips that Ringer wanted to use in the new book. Editor Melvin Goodge met with Mr. Druthers to borrow the original artwork, and the result is a terrific looking book with the cleanest version of the artwork available.

As a thank you, Ringer sent us a huge shipment of the books to distribute, and we’re excited to get you a copy. The books shipping from Curio & Co. will come with an embossed certificate of authenticity, and are all hand-stamped with the official Curio & Co. seal on the inside cover.

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

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Roger Believe - Ungrateful Memory (Memoria Ingrata) - Illustrated comic book cover of Roger with revolver and kraken in background (circa 1980's) for an adventure in the vain of Dylan Dog and Martin Mystery - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG)

Ungrateful Memory (Memoria Ingrata)

Roger Believe

This giclée of the 1986 Roger Believe cover of Ungrateful Memory (Memoria Ingrata) is part...

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49.00 EUR