Glowing reviews for Frank and His Friend

 Curio & Co. looks at some of the great reviews for our books like Frank and His Friend and the Gadabout Time Machine User's Manual. Curio and Co.

Have you seen some of the nice things that people have been saying about us?

Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we wanted to pass on the good news to some of our friends.

Do you remember that feeling when you were a kid and your teacher would say something nice about you to your Mom and Dad right in front of you? This only happened once or twice for me (mostly I heard “Talks too much in class”), but it was a real thrill. Partly I was stunned that my teacher seemed to be forgetting how a regular school day went, but I was pretty floored that she was paying me a compliment, and giving me some brownie points for home – double score if it was parent-teacher night.

So imagine how we felt when we saw some of the nice things that reviewers and critics have been saying about the books from Curio & Co. Pardon us for singing our own praises, but we’re so glad to see that people are enjoying our efforts to bring pop culture treasures to collectors everywhere.