Comic-Con 2014

Curio & Co. heads to the leading comics convention and entertainment trade show, San Diego Comic-Con International. Image from Curio and Co.

We’re heading to the biggest entertainment convention around.

For us at Curio & Co., the summer doesn’t officially start until Comic-Con. Sure, the weather might heat up and schools might be out, but it’s just not summer until we get to San Diego.

Now in its 44th year (though it doesn’t look a day over 18), Comic-Con has the biggest range of pop culture and entertainment – from film and TV to toys and games, and with plenty of superheroes to go around. It just makes you wish there were more hours in the day.

We are excited to be going to be exhibiting at Comic-Con again this year. You’ll find the Curio & Co. booth in the same spot as last year - #2102 in the Independent Press section. And we’ll have all of your favorites too. From vintage ads from Bunchy or Oberpfaffendorfer tocomics like Frank and His Friend and Roger Believe and even TV memorabilia from Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures, we’ll have something for everyone. In fact, we’ll have something new and exciting for Spaceman Jax fans, so stay tuned!

There’s so much to do at Comic-Con and so much to see – I always think my eyes are going to pop right out of my head from all the terrific art work on display. (And by Sunday, it always feels like they have.) Most importantly, however, we’re really excited to see all the friends we’ve made at Comic-Con over the years.

So make sure you stop by and say hello at Comic-Con. We’re looking forward to seeing you!