Spaceman Jax Comics Coming Soon!

Curio & Co. announces a sneak peek at the Spaceman Jax comic for visitors to San Diego Comic-Con 2014. Image of Spaceman Jax - Through the Mantagon Minefield comic, courtesy of Curio and Co.

Comic-Con got a sneak peek of another jewel.

Comic-Con is always a lot of fun: big stars, great swag and aisles and aisles full of amazing collectibles that turn you into a kid again. But maybe one of the best things about Comic-Con is getting an early sneak peek at exciting things to come. So Curio & Co. was very excited to share a soon-to-be-released treasure from the vault with visitors to Comic-Con.

In October of this year, we’ll be officially releasing 1000 copies of the first issue of Spaceman Jax comics, Spaceman Jax – Through the Mantagon Minefield. But if you just can’t wait that long and you’re heading to Comic-Con, you can get your hands on them before anyone else.

These are the comics you remember reading as a kid. Spaceman Jax – that intrepid but dimwitted hero from the animated series Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures – saving the day and causing mayhem in an adventure adapted from the screen by Ringer Comics.

Reading new comics today just feels different. Maybe it’s the paper. In today’s comics the paper is glossy but cold; comics back then had paper that was softer. Sure, this might have caused the inks to bleed a bit or push the registration off a little, but there was something more accessible and friendly about those old Solver Age comics.

This one is 48 pages of galactic hijinks along with the original ads and the charming letters to Spaceman Jax section. I wonder where those kids are today?

You can pre-order the comic online, but you’ll still have to wait to get it. But once you do, you’ll want to sit down right then and there and read it right away!