Happy New Year

Curio & Co. looks back on 2014. Image courtesy of Curio and Co. www.curioandco.com

C’mon 2015, we’re ready for you!

Looking back on the year gives us a lot to be thankful for – 2014 was pretty good to us at Curio & Co.

We were so happy to be able to bring you so many pop culture classics this year – especially our favorite childhood memory in print, Spaceman Jax: Through the Mantagon Minefield. Any day that brings back those warm, cozy feelings from childhood is a real treat, and we were happy to share those days with friends old and new at Comic-Con this year.

We’re not just looking back, however. We’re already looking to the future, busy planning some exciting projects that are poised to ensure that 2015 is going to be even more fun. We can’t wait.

We have a tradition at the last Curio & Co. staff meeting of the year to share our resolutions for the future. Louis has resolved to let us all play in the archives more often (and we have all resolved not to forget the gloves). Shirley has resolved to finally take up salsa dancing. I have resolved not to spout off about things like the history of salsa dancing until someone asks. Jay has resolved to spend some time on the Sea Islands this year retracing the steps of bluesman Blind Blake. Margie has resolved to re-watch Star Station: Nimbus – but then she re-watches the show every year. Mr. Druthers has resolved to make any changes we request. But we couldn’t actually think of any – he’s pretty much the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. Whatever your resolutions, we hope 2015 brings you lots of success.

Now, we’re off to pile into our flying cars and – what?!? Where are our flying cars?!?

Wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at Curio & Co.