Sweets for the Sweet

European Hershey Candy Bar for Margie at Curio & Co.
Margie likes her candy bars. A lot. But she makes a point not to eat them “just because” or “whenever she wants to”.  Instead, she seeks out new candy bars to try so that it’s not snacking, it’s “research” or “adding to her collection”.

She does a lot of research.

European Caramel Candy Bar for Margie at Curio & Co.

So whenever one of us comes back from a trip away, she’s the first one to greet us at the office door.  Oh, she’s pleased to see us alright.  But she’s also pleased as punch to get a new candy bar.


We’re already deciding who’ll bring which type of candy bar back for her from WonderCon in San Francisco in April.  I’ve drawn Ghirardelli.