On a Secret Mission

 Curio & Co. collects Lego army men

At Curio & Co. we take silly very seriously.

After all, most of what we collect so passionately – animation artwork, movie memorabilia, comic books and more – were originally created to thrill, entertain and just be downright fun.  So we’ve got a lot of fun things around the office.

But one of us has been on a secret mission to further surprise and delight all of us at the office.  These little Lego army men from Toy Story 3 showed up in the office around December, presumably on reconnaissance.  Because they’ve popped up everywhere: in the coffee canister in the break room, in jacket pockets and desk drawers, in seemingly sealed boxes of packing materials, in the filing cabinet (under ‘lego’, naturally).  Every day or two they pop up somewhere new to surprise us.  And we’re honestly not sure how many of these little guys there really are.

Now a little office prankery is nothing new around here.  But this time, we really can’t figure out who’s behind it.  Every single one of us has been on the surprise end of the special squadron.  So unless someone’s been taking acting lessons – or the little guys really are moving around on their own – there must be several culprits.

I guess we’ll have to see what happens when many of us leave for WonderCon at the end of the month.  Anyway, it’s not me, I can promise you that.  But then, that’s just what you’d expect me to say, right?