Just our cup of tea!

Curio & Co. enjoys a cup of tea. 

The cutest little vinyl toys, along with their custom-brewed friends, are on tour now.  Don’t miss the Mini Tea Tour if you can help it!

Lunartik’s Mini Tea Tour features more than 70 custom works of art created from Matt JOnes’s toy, Lunartik in a Cup of Tea.  The show starts off in Europe, will be in the US this summer, and will end the year in London.

These little cups of cuteness sure don’t require any sugar – they’re sweet enough!  The little wide-eyed critters (which come in flavors, not colors – naturally) relax in their own cup of tea and give a new meaning to the idea of a tea break. 

What began in 2005 has become a very popular platform for toy customizers.  We really love the sense of community that is built through customizing vinyl toys, and the way in which people around the world can participate in the design process by creating a new version of the piece, while still paying tribute to the original design.  

Curio & Co. finds the perfect cup of tea. 

And you can’t knock the message of the toys, “Take a break and have a lovely cup of tea.”