Bringing back postcards

 Curio & Co. considers the lost art of mailing postcards. Image of various postcards we've received at the Curio & Co. office.

Nothing says vacation like a “Wish you Were Here” postcard to friends or family.

Margie has a wall of postcards behind her desk that is the envy of all the office. She has a lot of pen pals and they dutifully exchange postcards on a regular basis.

Wherever she goes, even if it’s just a day trip, Margie sends postcards back to friends, family, and all of us left at the office. And I don’t mean one general postcard to the office to make us all envious. I mean to all of us at home. I’m pretty sure that if Margie has ever once known you, she has you on a permanent list of postcard recipients. At least she’s helping to keep the post office afloat.

She even sends postcards from places where no postcards are available because she travels with a little kit containing her address book, some stamps, and a handful of postcards suitable for all occasions.

It’s not a bad idea, either. She has certainly brightened up days for many of us in the office by sending us a funny card or inspiring picture.

And you know, receiving her postcards has rekindled my own interest in sending cards, and I went out of my way on my last holiday to hunt down postcards to send to a few people – Margie especially. I say “hunt down,” because it was pretty difficult to find a good selection to choose from. And this was at the house of the most famous mouse, and if they don’t cater to tourists and advertising, then I don’t know who does!

So I’m going to start keeping a pack of these Frank and His Friend postcards in my bag to send out to friends and family when I think they might need a smile in their mailbox. There are six different images in a pack, with early sketches from the popular comic strip that are funny and sweet and showcase the best of Frank and His Friend: A childlike take on the world. Whose day couldn’t be brightened by that?