Comic-Con 2011 Round Up - Part 2

Everywhere you looked at Comic-Con 2011, you were surrounded by legends.

We all had our “you won’t believe what just happened to me” moments.  Mr. Druthers discovered that he and Darnell Duffy attended the same summer camp and both went home early covered in poison ivy.  For Louis it was getting to inspect not one, but two DeLoreans.  He gave them a good once over to see how they compared to the Gadabout, but he was probably prouder of the picture of him in the driver’s seat.

And of course, we were all over the moon to be at the Eisner’s Award Gala.  Though our book, Finding Frank and His Friend, didn’t win in its category, we were so honored to be placed with all of those wonderful books. The talent together in that one room was unbelievable.  Margie got her program signed by some of her favorite artists and writers, and Sergio Aragonés himself offered his back to let them all sign.  If that isn’t symbolic – artists drawing on the shoulders of legends – then what is?

And the others seated at our table just couldn’t be beat.  Peter Maresca of Sunday Press was there with their beautiful book George Heriman's Krazy Kat: A Celebration of Sundays, edited by Peter and Patrick McDonnell.  Not only has Peter been racking up Eisner nominations by keeping the classics alive, he’s also just the nicest guy.  Peter stayed up “past his bedtime” to cheer on our book, as our category (Best Graphic Album - New Material) was the last of the night.  The next day he stopped by with his son Per who showed off a very impressive collection of drawings and autographs.  That’s a book that should be made into a coffee table collection!

At Comic-Con 2011, we collected moments that we know we’ll never forget.  What memories did you collect at Comic-Con this year?