Saul Bass - The Shining (1980)

 The Shining (1980) - poster design by Saul Bass

Saul's work shining again and again and again

Continuing looking at Saul Bass's work. Stanley Kubrick's 1980 adaptation of Stephen King's book The Shining is a masterpiece of modern horror.  We started connecting some dots and remembering: 

The Comedy of The Shining - trailer

The Horror of The Shining - trailer

When was the last time that you saw a good poster that made use of only 2 colors and using tone only as an attention grabber!.  Saul's work really has soul.

DID YOU KNOW THAT: The opening panorama shots never used in The Shining were then used by Ridley Scott in the Bade Runner end title sequence released in 1982.