Holy rhyme scheme, Batman!

Curio & Co. wonders what happened to this old Batman and Robin collectible.

A poem for a Robin figurine

Robin, dear Robin, where have you been?
You're beat up and scratched, with a faded grin.
I only mention it because we all care,
But you're looking a little the worse for wear.

Did the Penguin find you and turn up the heat?
Because you have holes in the bottom of both of your feet.

Did you fall for another of the Joker's pranks?
Because there's a hole in your head that's fit for a crank.

Did you learn that the Riddler's jokes aren't always funny?
Because there's some kind of weight rattling around in your tummy.

Tell us, dear Robin, what did you do?
Where did you and go and what happened to you?