Curio & Co. discussion panel at WonderCon

 Curio & Co. panel on the Myth of Nostalgia at WonderCon

Join us for a discussion on ‘The Myth of Nostalgia’

We’re thrilled to be putting together a discussion panel at this year’s WonderCon – and we hope you all can join us.

The topic of the panel is ‘The Myth of Nostalgia’ – a topic near and dear to our hearts.  We’ll be discussion collecting and memory with out good friends Pete Maresca (from Sunday Press Books) and artist James T. Walker (from pretty much all your favorite animated shows).

How does nostalgia for certain periods of time go in and out of style?  Can nostalgia be invented?  What happens when the collector becomes the creator?  Join us and tell us what you think!

Saturday March 17 from 5-6 PM.  In room 203AB at the Anaheim Convention Center.  See you there!