WonderCon 2012 Round-up!


Who couldn't use a dose of Stan Lee?  WonderCon's always got you covered.

What a terrific WonderCon! Many die-hard WonderCon fans were worried about the show's move from San Francisco to Anaheim. While it's true that we missed seeing our friends in the bay area, we thought Anaheim was a great location for the show.

The Southern California location attracted a lot of people from the entertainment industry, and there were so many wonderful artists to meet. We were very happy that animation director John Musker stopped by the Curio & Co. both. He's 1/2 of our favorite directing duo, and we were very glad to be able to chat with him about our favorite animated films and the work of Clarence 'Otis' Dooley.

Speaking of Dooley - we were so pleased to hear all of your memories of Time for Frank and His Friend. From tales of "Oh, this takes me back to the bus-rides home from school", to "I stole this book from my brother!", everyone had a story to share. Do you still have your copy of Time for Frank and His Friend? If not, pick one up today.

It didn't seem like the torrential downpours expected for Southern California (Storm Watch, 2012!) kept the crowds away. More than 40,000 fans attended, and we never saw a single drippy umbrella (did they stay inside the convention center all weekend?).

Unfortunately, the rain did keep our good friend James T. Walker at home. Tim was scheduled to appear on our panel 'The Myth of Nostalgia'. But fortunately for us, Bob Foster, President of the Animation Guild (and artist with over 40 years in the business) graciously agreed to step in. Thanks Bob!

The discussion panel, even without James T. Walker, was a lot of fun. In addition to our replacement panelist Bob Foster, we were joined by Sunday Press Books Editor Peter Maresca. Peter's been bringing amazing classics back to print - such as Little Sammy Sneeze, Krazy Kat, and of course, Little Nemo. Peter's bringing these classic comics to new generations of fans and ensuring that nostalgia for this work continues to survive.

We had a great turnout with a crowd that brought lots of their own interesting questions and discussion points. If time permits, we hope to continue the discussion at Comic-Con in July. Will you join us?

If you missed the Geek Chic booth at WonderCon, you really missed out! The Washington-based furniture company has elegant and ingenious solutions for all your gaming and geekery needs. And the staff are just as friendly and funny as can be. Check 'em out next time they're on the road.

We had the good fortune to meet Pascal Campion at WonderCon this year, and be booth neighbors and become friends. Pascal is an animator, director, and designer in the animation industry; his work is beautiful and whimsical, and we can't wait to see him again at Comic-Con this summer.

All in all, we can hardly wait for next year to do it all again. How much fun did you have at WonderCon?