Please Mr. Postman

Curio & Co. celebrates post office boxes and the lost art of letter writing. Vintage USPS post office PO boxes. Curio and Co.

In this world of technology, is there anything better than receiving real mail?


NASA may be the coolest government agency (hello, space food!), but the post office is still our favorite. Who else brings delightful missives from friends and love ones?

True, the postman brings bills and jury duty notices and chain letters (actually, does anyone send those by post anymore?). And most packages today go by outside carriers. But when it comes to birthday cards wishing you many happy returns or postcards “wishing you were here”, the postman is the go-to guy.

And is there anything better than receiving words from a friend, written in their own handwriting, or dare we imagine, written on a manual typewriter? Nothing is more guaranteed to brighten a day. Nothing.

So this summer, when out and about in town or frolicking through your summer holidays, drop a line to a friend or family member. Who knows, you might even get something in return.