To You from Curio & Co.

 Curio & Co. looks at packaging. Envelope with Bunchy and Oberfaffendorfer ads. Curio and Co. 


We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes that cover can sure put your mind at ease.   

When you order one of the prints available on Curio & Co. (or maybe two, since it’s so hard to pick just one), the packaging will reassure you that we’ve taken great pains to make sure that your print will arrive safe and sound.

Safe in shipping

The non-descript brown envelope is certainly misleading. Aside from the Curio & Co. stamp on the front, it barely hints at the fantastic artwork contained inside. Still, it has to be plain because it’s got to be sturdy. The only way we can sleep at night is by knowing that your print won’t get knocked around or snagged on anything. And that brown envelope, in comforting, durable cardboard, puts our minds at rest. Plus, it’s acid-free and fully recyclable. So you can put your environmental worries aside and get a good night’s sleep too.

Tagged from us to you

That tag you find is another sign that you’ve got a genuine Curio & Co. item in your hands. You can snip off the tag if you like – which will feel great, knowing that the print is all yours now! – or you can slip the tag through the knot to get to the envelope’s pull tab. The envelope flap’s seal will keep the tag on the envelope so you can keep a record of what’s inside.

Giving the item as a gift? What a terrific friend you are! In that case, you can write the name of your sure-to-be grateful friend on the reverse of the tag, and your wrapping is done! We won’t ever slip the bill or any other pesky sign of your item’s purchase history in the envelope, so feel free to keep your secret of what a great deal you got.