Surf Rock

Curio & Co. catches a wave (and catches up on work) with some surf rock in the background. Curio and co. 

The kind of summer that only exists in a song

I don’t surf, own a “Woody Wagon,” or know anyone named Moondoggie. But every year when the temperatures heat up, I put surf music on repeat and yearn for a summer vacation that only exists in Beach Party movies.

Instrumental surf rock is great to listen to while you’re working. Its fast tempo will keep you moving, and without lyrics (or only those wah-wah-wahs) you can stay productive. If you can find all of the albums the Ventures released in Japan (the Ventures outsold the Beatles 2-1 in Japan!) you’ve got music lined up for days and days.

Still, man cannot surf by drums and guitars alone – you’re going to need some vocals eventually. And why not trust the smooth harmonies of the Beach Boys? Real surf culture is known for being rather territorial and not necessarily inclusive, but with the Beach Boys – only one of whom actually surfed – anyone can catch a wave and go on a surfin’ safari.

What all of this music has in common are sun kissed days of endless fun – drive-ins and clambakes and blondes in bikinis and surfer boys who wait for one more wave and are always rewarded with a perfect curl.

Just one song and you can smell the suntan lotion.