Frank and His Friend

invite you to transform a cardboard box into a rocket ship or a race car and zoom off with them for fun and adventure. Whether they are leading an expedition in the backyard or outsmarting mom’s broccoli, Frank and his Friend prove that kids have a better grasp of what’s really important in life.

Frank and His Friend was first published in 1975 and soon became a big hit, with likenesses of the characters emblazoned on lunchboxes and t-shirts to bed sheets and wallpaper.  In 1982, creator Clarence ‘Otis’ Dooley was even in negotiations with Benday Studios to bring Frank and His Friend to television sets in an animated series. (Although the deal ultimately fell through when the studio folded as a result of heavy investment into the North American laser disc market, much of the pre-production work still exists.)

It was clear why people loved Frank and His Friend: From the beginning, readers loved its childlike innocence, playful escapism and, most of all, the warm friendship it presented…Everything that audiences still find in the comic today.

So come along with Frank and His Friend and discover the amazing in the everyday. Spend time with these warmhearted friends who are waiting to welcome you with a cookie and a barrel full of fun.