AZR-0 is the name of a species of robots from an illustrated journal purported to be part of a scientific survey of the remote planet AZR by robologist Verdie Z. Goodsey in the year 2378. While the origins of the journal have not yet been verified, the material nevertheless provides fascinating insights into the juncture of zoology and robotics.

Aether Instruments is a well established brand of laboratory supplies and equipment, including vials and beakers, as well as a line of print products. Their journals, like the one robologist Verdie Z. Goodsey uses for her solo field trip to the planet AZR, are specifically made to cater to the needs of scientists.

The materials used by Aether Instruments are sturdy and reliable, which is why it is the preferred brand for scientists, whether they work in laboratories or out in the field. Even Curio & Co.'s own Louis Smeedley, Head of Archives and Restoration, uses Aether Instruments' acid-free gloves to protect our delicate print products and artifacts, so the next generation can still enjoy Curio & Co.'s treasures in their full splendor. Because no one wants to see ugly fingerprints on an original Frank and His Friend sketch, right?

What we know from the journal is that Goodsey explores the dusty planet AZR and tries to gather information about the AZR-0 robots, who were previously unknown to the scientific community. Goodsey's stay does not come without hardships: she is plagued by electronic pests and endures sleepless nights as a result of the two suns and three moons of the small planet. Nevertheless, Goodsey tries to keep up with her research, learning the basics of the robots' language and slowly forming a bond with adorable and playful creatures.


Conduit Beetle

Next to the AZR-0 robots, the conduit beetle is the only life form on planet AZR. The conduit beetle channels static electricity from its surroundings into painful charges, described as an annoyance similar to the bites of fire ants (source: Verdie Z. Goodsey, Field Journal, 2378).

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