Good Adventures Start With Great Friends

Bonding Over Brands

That's why Sunnington Morn, sponsor of the TV show Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures, came out with the Fan Club  before the show had even been on the air. They knew that kids would need a way to instantly recognize their like-minded space cadets and bond over their love of the new characters. (And if that bonding resulted in the sale of more Sunnington Morn cereal, well, the company didn't mind at all.)

But it also created a fraternity of fans who all proudly wore their allegiance with fan club pins. And years later, once the show was off the air, the pins didn't necessarily disappear. They found their way onto university backpacks and punk leather jackets and backpacking equipment and the cork board of first jobs. And when recognized, they still unlocked new friendships from shared interests.