Press Clippings

“It’s a gorgeous hardcover book published by Curio & Company, and as beautiful as Dean Mullaney’s Library of American Comics titles.” -- COMIX 411


“Not since Behind the Buffoons have such valuable gems been unearthed…” -- THE MEEKERSVILLE GAZETTE


“I can’t wait for people to get caught up in the story of a precocious child and the toy named Frank.” -- COMIX 411


“Move over Petey and Pooter, because childhood chums Frank and His Friend have come along to play!” -- HOME AND HEARTH DIGEST


“In the tradition of such strips as Calvin & Hobbes the tale of a boy with a doll named Frank captured the wonder and innocence of a childhood perspective, and this collection brought back a lot of memories.” -- NEWSARAMA


“You’ll read Frank and His Friend for the laughs, and collect it for the memories.” --ARTHUR BLOOMER, creator of RUMPUS ROOM RASCALS


Frank and His Friend was a comic strip that ran from 1975 until 1984 when creator Clarence 'Otis' Dooley died. While the jokes weren't always laugh-out-loud funny, the strip had a warmth and charm that endeared it to many readers. . . . I highly recommend getting all three books.” -- KLEEFELD ON COMICS


“Looking at Dooley’s early work is an incredible learning experience. This book deserves space on a student’s bookshelf alongside Randall’s Thesaurus of Onomatopoeia and the Framsworth-Collins Encyclopedia of Plucky Sidekicks.” -- DRUMMOND HOYLE, creator of RECESS RENEGADES


Finding Frank and His Friend is gorgeously printed. . . . Both the sketches and final art are presented in a designerly fashion such that you half-expect to see Chip Kidd's name on the book somewhere. . . . It really is a flawless execution.” -- KLEEFELD ON COMICS


“Hilariously funny. This is the collection you’ll want to return to again and again.” -- JAMES DETULIP, creator of CHICAGO, CHICAGO


“I sat on my own couch tonight with a copy of Time for Frank & His Friend and became seven years old again. . . . The Curio & Co crew did a fine job putting this together, and it works as a great companion piece to Finding Frank.” -- KLEEFELD ON COMICS


“Worthy of [its Eisner Award] nomination and a trip to your local comic book shop or book retailer.” -- USA TODAY


“New adventures with Frank and His Friend? That’s like second helpings of birthday cake. Yes, please!” -- THE ALMONT-FREEBURGER TIMES