Gadabout TM-1050 Advertising Poster

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“Step into the all new Gadabout…”

This poster is a reproduction of an advertisement for the Gadabout TM-1050. The original was part of the same estate sale that unearthed the Gadabout TM-1050 time machine user's manual.

This artistic-quality reproduction is a must have if you are interested in vintage advertisements or time travel memorabilia.

The original, A4 size on magazine quality paper, was most likely used as an ad in a consumer magazine.  Standing to the publication date of the Gadabout, we estimate that it dates back to mid 1950's.  Of course, if we could get our hands on the time machine we could do more research on the image.


General Details

  • Size: 23.6 x 33.3 in (60 x 84.7 cm)
  • Printing Type: Artistic quality print on acid free paper
  • Printed: 2011 reproduction from a 1953 original

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