Starscape 99

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The amazing thing about Starscape 99 is that on the first read, you know you 'got' the book and see the big, sweeping message about just how far we can go. And you talk to your friends about it (didn't everyone talk to their friends about this book when they were in their 20s?) but you laugh to yourself that they just didn't 'get' the book - maybe they're not deep enough. And then years later, you re-read it to discover, none of you had any clue about what it was really about. And you start to realize that every time you read it, you'll get more and more from the book. That's the definition of a great book.

This print of the beautiful cover from Ringer Publishing Paperbacks basically does the same thing. Every time we look at the cover, more and more of the story opens up, and we see a little more than we did before.