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Spaceman Jax - Spaceman Jax - Through the Mantagon Minefield - comic book cover - Spaceman Jax - Ringer Comics - Silver Age comic book - issue one - Humor - Retro design - Curio & Co. - - Jax, Dekkin and Mantagon on conver  - by Curio & Co. (Curio and Co. OG)

14.95 EUR

Spaceman Jax - Through the Mantagon Minefield

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Order this real gem from the Silver Age of comics for the out-of-this-world price of $11.95.

When Spaceman Jax receives a distress call while delivering zandabite crystals, he literally drops everything to save the day. The disabled transport ship (scheduled to bring his niece Dekkin back from camp) is drifting into the Mantagon minefield at the border zone, which the Mantagons are none too happy about. Can Spaceman Jax slip through the minefield and carefully tow the ship to safety – all the while avoiding the angry Mantagons and their Ultra-turbo-zap-guns – and still make his delivery on time? Knowing Spaceman Jax – the hero with a heart of gold and the intellect of a Ploridian Lunar Beast – it’s going to take a lot of sheer, dumb luck.

Relive childhood days spent on the porch reading Spaceman Jax comics with this first issue of the Ringer Comics series based on our intrepid hero Jax, as he sails through space and the Mantagon minefield to save his niece, little "Neutron Booster" Dekkin. 



Paper: Newsprint

Pages: 48 pages in full color

Size: 7.25 x 10.25 in (18.4 x 26 cm)


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Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures 

was first broadcast in 1961, sponsored by Sunington Morn Breakfast Cereals.  It was created by Bill Pendergast and Leo Ulrich, and designed by Philip La Carta (who also designed Brigadier Buffalo and Manfred J. Platypus, P.I.).  The show was the first big success for P.U.D. Film, and though it originally ran for just three seasons, it has continued to enjoy success in syndication.

The show featured work by animators such as Jim Dewicky and Bud Marsh.  Spaceman Jax (the “hero with a heart of gold, and the intellect of a Ploridian Lunar Beast”) was...

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, Jul 17, 2017
by Ned Wazowski

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