Time for Frank and His Friend

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It’s January 1979 and Ringer Publishing Paperbacks releases Time for Frank and His Friend, the first collection of Dooley’s comic not tied to his newspaper work.  The content is completely new – not just a collection of previously printed strips – and Dooley has created it just for the paperback.  The result of this is that Dooley feels that he has had more control over the product and more freedom in his work.  (Even saying, “Who knew I’d love page layout so much?”)

Well, it’s not 1979 anymore, but we’ve got first edition “deadstock” copies of this best-selling comic paperback.  And it’s just as terrific as you remember!

Unlike the rest of our products, this book is not archival quality, so we’re handling them with extra care.  But the units that ship from our archives will carry a special Curio & Co. stamp as proof of their authenticity.

Remember those rainy days spent reading comics after school with the delicious aroma of Mom’s cooking in the background?  Well here’s your chance to dive back into those warm memories with an original copy of the book that you lost when you moved away from home.  And you don’t even have to wait for a rainy day!


General Details

  • ISBN: 978-3-9502966-2-4
  • Published: 1979, Ringer Publishing Paperbacks
  • Size: 4.25 x 7 in (10.8 x 17.7 cm)
  • Pages: 128
  • Content: Black and white 
  • Printing Type: Offset
  • Book Type: Paperback, with colored edges
  • Binding: Perfect Bound



Our Focus

We have a passion for collecting, and we’re thrilled to bring you truly special pieces from the pop culture world of the Curioverse. From vintage ads and classic comics to obscure cartomancy artifacts, we’re fascinated by the shared history that weaves all these diverse pieces together. So dive in to read about your favorites, you'll be surprised by how they connect!


At Curio & Co. we adore quality – but then so do you. (It’s a sign of a true collector.) Since we know you don’t take your collection lightly each product is chosen with care to ensure that it’s in mint condition, but if there should ever be any defect the product can always be returned. And each piece is stored and packaged under the right conditions until they find their home in the right collection: yours.


Aside from the Curio & Co. stamp, our non-descript packaging barely hints at the exciting collectibles inside. Still, it has to be plain because it’s got to be sturdy. The only way we can sleep at night is by knowing your collectibles are safe in transport. And that brown packaging – in comforting, durable cardboard – puts our minds at rest. Plus, it’s fully recyclable so you can put your environmental worries to rest too.

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