Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time

Frank's Friend of Clarence 'Otis' Dooley's Frank and his Friend with a coin operated horse and space ship.

Thinking about those 52 images in Finding Frank and his Friend that were previously unpublished really gets us wondering about why Otis Dooley set them aside.  We asked Dooley’s son Lance about it at the book’s presentation this summer:

 “You know, we never saw the same thing that he saw in his work.  Sometimes he’d complain about a particular image and toss it in the trash.  Once he started over, maybe he’d change a line here or shade things differently – so subtle that we couldn’t really see what was different.  But afterward we could tell he was right…

But why he chose to put these aside – I just don’t know.  My Dad had so many ideas and so many concepts that he wanted use, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he just thought these didn’t quite come up to the next idea he had in his head.”