The Rocks in Bloom

Curio & Co. finds the rocks in bloom - Unusual flower.

You’d almost think you were on Tarloc XIX! 

While out and about today, I cam across these blooms for sale at a local flower shop.  I stopped in my tracks – aren’t they the spitting image of the terraniums from Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures?

The terraniums were one of my favorite gags on the show.  These springy little blooms looked like plants, grew like plants, photosynthesized like plants – but were actually rocks.

Seeing the flowers today made me wonder if jokes like these were what appealed most to kids: that you could take what was obviously one thing (a flower) and believe it was something else (a rock).  The fact that the characters were so unaware of the truth made kids feel like they held a secret, I suppose.

Whatever the case, seeing terraniums out of these very terrestrial flowers certainly means that I’ve got Spaceman Jax on the brain.  I’ll have to see if I can get hold of an episode with the terraniums.  Either the one where Star Cowboy tries to get back his Grandma Star’s stolen 14-karat terranium ring (that she has to water daily), or the one where RT short circuits while Jax is transporting a load of terraniums to be ground up for concrete at Tarloc’s factory?  

Probably both.