Cudworth-Hooper 1952 Memorandum

Cudworth-Hooper 1952 Memorandum - Curio & Co.

This memo was sent from  Cudworth-Hooper President J.P. Cudworth to Burt Stradder, Division Head of Training Films & Manuals, which was one of the 14 divisions the company had at that time.

Like much of the printed ephemera associated with the Gadabout, this was from the estate of Howard Dillinger. It was included in the package which contained the approval for printing the Gadabout TM-1050 Manual, which was signed by Stradder.

The memo makes reference to a number of concerns Cudworth had with the project, including the functioning of the dimensional collapse, as well as overall timing on the production.

The memo also mentions the Cudworth-Hooper Interdivisional Tiddlywinks Championships, which are still taken quite seriously by employees of the company.