Living like the Jetsons

Curio & Co. Looks at future technology through the eyes of the 1960's.

The 21st century – the same as it’s always been.

Watching old episodes of the Jetsons, I’m really struck by how similar life seems today as it was for the “family of the future.” Obviously there are universal truths that may never change: raising kids, working for a big company, and human-canine relations.

But it’s the 1960s view of technology that’s so interesting – all of the screens in the Jetsons, all of the button-pushing and desire for instant-everything.

It’s remarkable not how much the Jetson’s home resembles the home of the future seen at the 1964 World’s Fair, but how much it resembles our homes today. Flat screen televisions that take up one wall of the living room and upon which we can play games, watch films and browse through an entire universe of information, all from the climate-controlled comfort of our push-button world. While we worry about chemicals and preservatives, we enjoy instant meals that are ready with the push of a button or delivered hot to our door, even from restaurants across the country. George Jetson (and his boy Elroy) would certainly feel right at home here.

If only we could figure out how to get the dog to use the treadmill, we’d have it made!