Classic films or old films?

Curio & Co. looks at how classic films can continue to appeal to new generations.

Will future generations be able to watch black and white films at all?

It’s interesting to go back through film history and see how the art form has changed with the development of new genres and technological advancements bring about new ways of making and watching films.

One of the most noticeable differences about the way films were made in the past seems to be the pacing. Some stories – as fascinating as the plot might be – are just too slow for today’s tastes. Do we simply not have the patience that previous generations had?

It’s true that films today are often longer than they were in the golden age of Hollywood, but the average length of a shot is much shorter. Although perhaps that’s due to advancements in editing or special effect more than attention span. But even though the film s were shorter back then, some of them feel like they drag on and on before finally getting to the point.

We’re proud of the multi-tasking we’re able to do in our daily lives, and with microwaves, internet, short tweets and status updates, we’re used to processing information in smaller and smaller bits. Who knows, maybe future generations will find our 140 character tweets much, much too long?