A light repast from the past

Curio & Co. looking at vintage foods - Jell-O

Vintage clothing?  Check.  Vintage posters?  Check.  Vintage food?  Ch-what?

Trends in eating and drinking come and go, and what was the fashion yesterday might seem a little – stale – today.

But often, the return on one trend brings back another.  It probably wasn’t coincidence that the return of swing-dancing in the 1990s corresponded with a rediscovery of classic cocktails.  Fortunately, the Museum of the American Cocktail (where admission, surprisingly does not require a two-drink minimum) serves up daily lessons in the role of the cocktail in shaping US history.

And some chefs are working to preserve “heritage” recipes as a way of reconnecting with a culture and to help us understand history.  Historic vegetable gardens, such as those at Jefferson’s Monticello, can give us an idea of what went into the common meals of the day, and what was once considered exotic.

Of course, there are some dishes in the past that are pretty hard to stomach today.  You just have to take a look at some vintage meals to see why.  More jello and beef tongue, anyone?