Frank and His Friend – In trouble again

Curio & Co. look at classic Frank and His Friend comic and think about breaking the rules as kids.

No lamps were harmed in the making of this comic, exactly.

Any comic about childhood imagination is also going to have to touch on the flip side of all that creative energy: getting in trouble. And Frank and His Friend were no strangers to the time out.

What makes this comic so sweet is that, aside from stealing cookies perhaps, Frank and His Friend never knowingly break rules. They are busy thinking up fun things to do that are both creative and adventurous, and the fact that those activities might put a lamp or two at risk simply never enters their minds.

Looking at their misdeeds as adults, you feel sorry for the pair who don’t realize that all of their clever plans and hard work is going to land them with a stretch in the corner and an early bedtime. But at least you can sill share in their enthusiasm as they dream and create without a care in the world.

It makes you look back on your own transgressions and wonder how many times Mom could have let things go if only she had seen the other side of the situation? Then again, maybe we weren’t always as innocent as Frank and His Friend.