Something for everyone at the big show

 Curio & Co. go to Comic-Con


For us at Curio & Co. the highlight of the summer is always Comic-Con.  There’s so much to see and do when we’re there: from panels and discussions to costumes and fan meet-ups, and of course the treasures in the exhibit hall.  There’s truly something for everyone.  Once we’re back in the office and compare notes, it’s almost as if everyone’s seen a separate side of Comic-Con.

So we asked around the office for some favorite memories of last year’s Comic-Con…

Mr. Druthers loves meeting with colleagues in the field and sharing ideas.  He’s passionate about what he does, and really wears his heart on his sleeve (pinned to his tweed sport coat), so his favorite memory from last year: the panel discussion he led on ‘DisappointMINT in the Box: the tragedy of toys that never get to play.’

Jay was the envy of all of us last year when he found a cardboard display of Spaceman Jax that was used to advertise Sunington Morn cereals in the early 1960s.  We thought at least we’d get to enjoy it at the office, but instead he has it prominently displayed at home.

Margie always gets a little star struck at Comic-Con, but last year the situation was kind of reversed.  She was on Cloud 9 when she ran into Clive Lexington from Star Station: Nimbus, and just felt bowled over.  Of course, so was Lexington since she literally ran into him.  But it turned out just to be a sprain, and he was very gracious about it.  Who will she bump into this year?

But we’re all in agreement; by far our favorite part of Comic-Con is reconnecting with friends.  So stop by the Curio & Co. booth to say “Hi.”  We’ll be at P-5!