Time for something very different

Curio & Co. presents a time machine manual

Need a little extra time in your day?  We might just be able to help.

The buzz you’ve heard is true.  Yes, we’ve got a 1950s manual for a Cudworth-Hooper product.  And yes, that product is a time machine.

Cudworth-Hooper products are everywhere.  We just didn’t realize that they were also everywhen. 

We’re always excited about an auction that includes ‘printed ephemera.’  You might find printed souvenirs for world fairs and expositions, programs and tickets for early films or advertisments and posters.  What we found in a recent auction were 2004 bound copies (and more unbound pages) of the Cudworth-Hooper Owner’s Manual: Operation and Maintenance for the Gadabout TM 1050.  According to the introduction, the Gadabout is a “lite-vacuum time machine”, manufactured by Cudworth-Hooper in 2350. 

We know what you’re thinking: we called Cudworth-Hooper right away for more information on the Gadabout, but all of our calls have gone to voice mail.

Still, with 96 pages of intricate diagrams and beautiful illustrations, it’s an amazing piece of mid-century design and a beautifully printed manual.  We just know that you’re going to want to see it.