The Power of Discovery

So, What Do You Know?

In business, they say "time is money." But when you're a kid, all you've got is time. (And maybe too much of it when school's in session.)

Instead, kids have their own special currency. And we're not talking about a stash of candy or a sweet collection of erasers (although any kid with a bubblegum scented eraser can pretty much call the shots). We mean the knowledge that you've figured something out about how the world works, something that other kids don't know yet. And sometimes it's urgent (Mrs. McGillicutty will give a pop quiz tomorrow!), and often it's disgusting (That dead mouse behind the school took three weeks to decompose!).

But when it had to do with the superpowers or weaknesses of our favorite characters from comics or animation - that knowledge was more valuable than gold.

For Silver Spoons With a Sweet Tooth

The most expensive chocolate bar in the world costs almost three hundred dollars and takes two years to make. And it only has two ingredients: cacao and sugar. Sometimes less is more.