Nostalgia for the Next Generation

Building on the Past

Maybe you inherited your Dad's collection of paperbacks. Or maybe you 'liberated' your Mom's Rex Ensemble records when she started to switch to CDs. Whatever the situation, a lot of us got a head start on some of our collections thanks to the generations of fans before us.

We make these collections our own, even though we may not have lived through the original experiences when the objects were new. And adding to these second-generation collections not only helps you feel closer to loved ones, it helps you feel part of a wider pop culture community.

So now that your nieces and nephews - or maybe your own kids - are old enough to learn about real culture, what will you share with the next generation?

Where There's a Will, There's a Tray

When multi-millionaire, and fervent TV tray collector, Margeaux Snuggery-Wilkes died, her will stipulated that her heir would be required to reinvest eighty percent of the estate's yearly income to maintain and expand the collection.