Tarot of Musterberg

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Tarot of Musterberg Decoration Element


• Cards: 79 cards for game play and divination, plus 1 blank card
• Size: 2.4 x 4.3 in (6 x 11 cm)
• Quality: Produced in Germany on archival-quality, acid-free paper
      Tarot of Musterberg box and cards on wood table with tea pot and cups

      Tarot of Musterberg Decorations Element Bottom


      Tarot of Musterberg Decoration Element

      The Legendary
      Tarot of Musterberg

      With its beguiling, ginger-haired whimsy, the Tarot of Musterberg beckons you to bring more adventure into your life – with every deal of the cards. This rare tarot deck, recreating the vintage cards of the past, is the only one that includes The Siren as the highest card in the Major Arcana.

      Tarot of Musterberg Decorations Element Bottom


      Tarot of Musterberg Decoration Element

      Delightful Tarot Cards
      With Unique Origins

      The Tarot of Musterberg brings back the antique tarot cards used at the Pennyland Amusement Park at the turn of the 20th century. Although full of attractions, the midway section at Pennyland became famous for its fortune tellers, despite the prognosticators being pretty recognizable from their early shift at the ice cream cart. None of the fortune tellers working at the park had any experience in predicting the future, but they all relied on the Pennyland Handbook of Cartomancy provided to them by the park.

      The cards, however, did have an interesting history. Created sometime in the early 1700s, the design became popular for its unique inclusion of a 79th card: The Musterberg Deck is the only one to have The Siren card as the highest Major Arcana or trump card. Most importantly, the deck was redone for Pennyland where it was the exclusive deck of “The Great Beyond” for prognosticators in the Fortune Teller tent. And this is the same quirky tarot deck referenced in the Italian comic book series Roger Believe.

      Tarot of Musterberg multiple cards facing down on table with Animated Temperance card 14 facing up

      Tarot of Musterberg Decorations Element Bottom


      Tarot of Musterberg Decoration Element

      Produced with Passion
      for Beautiful Art

      Our decks are produced in Germany as collector’s items, printed on archival-quality paper and are not plastic-coated – to give you the closest feel to the original antique cards. Of course, if you want to shuffle them and deal a few hands of the card game or do some readings, by all means do so. Just listen to the cards, they’ll tell you what to do.

      As is standard for divination decks, the cards are non-reversible, meaning that unlike the One-eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings of standard poker decks, when they are upside-down they are simply upside down. This is perfect for card reading, and for game play means just another minute to flip them the right way around.

      Tarot of Musterberg printed sheets of cards and tuck box with loop

      Tarot of Musterberg Decorations Element Bottom


      Tarot of Musterberg Decoration Element

      Quirky Tarot Cards
      With a Sense of Humor

      Inside your Tarot of Musterberg deck you’ll find a 64-page booklet reproducing the Pennyland Guide to Cartomancy given to their employees in the Fortune Teller Tent – to help you read the cards or just read into what Pennyland was like behind the scenes. The booklet also contains instructions for how to play the card game tarot – itself even older than card reading – and the game is fast-paced and fun with eccentric quirks that you will hardly believe are not made up.

      The Pennyland staff had no illusions as to the cards’ ability to predict the future, and the official line seemed to be just have fun with it and give the folks a good time. We’re happy to be able to bring you these cards, and follow in that tradition.

      Tarot of Musterberg Decorations Element Bottom


      Tarot of Musterberg Decoration Element

      Listen to the Cards…
      And Your Fellow Collectors

      The Tarot of Musterberg unveils some of the most beautiful tarot cards for sale today, and you get an exact replica of the cards that passed through every Pennyland fortune teller’s hands, charged with centuries of delight:

      Softness – The cards are incredibly silky to the touch.

      They are so nice to hold in your hands, it feels like I’ve been using them for years...

      5 gold stars

      Gentle colors – The warm color palette gives the cards a magical glow.

      The artwork is gorgeous, and I love the soft antique colors...

      5 gold stars

      Unique characters – The crimson-haired cast of kings, queens and goddesses are reminiscent of the theatrical Italian renaissance parades of the 1500s.

      This is the ginger deck of my dreams!

      5 gold stars

      Tarot of Musterberg Decorations Element Bottom

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