The Dawn of Sunnington Morn

Martin Jr. And Gabe Sunnington never set out to get into the cereal game, but after several attempts at creating their fortune in the film industry, they needed to take a different approach. With their inheritance of Sunnington Farms after the death of their father Martin Sr., the brothers took to manufacturing All-Grain, a no-sugar (no-taste) breakfast cereal that floundered on the market.

A few years later, Gabe married Margaret Sue LeCrowse - and married her family's business (sugar cane plantations) with his own, which resulted in many hyper but happy children, and their breakfast cereal empire had begun.

Not to be outdone by his kid brother, Martin Jr. made their dream of working in pictures a reality, in a round-about way. He jumped on the television sponsorship bandwagon early, and sealed the deal to have Sunnington Morn sponsor animated programs for children, such as Brigadier Buffalo and Spaceman Jax and the Galactic Adventures.